A true platform for solid-state

Ceramic Structure

Using non-flammable and low-cost materials. This unique assembly allows us to use the dense ceramic electrolyte as a separator.

  • Intrinsically nonflammable
  • Low area specific resistance
  • Dense separator layer blocks dendrite growth and self discharge mechanisms
  • Low-cost easy to source materials

Lithium Metal Anode

Infiltrated in the porous ceramic framework creating uniform and continuous pathways for Li+ and electrons that lead to a lower resistance and higher energy density.

  • High energy density and power 
  • Solid State Lithium cycling within pores
  • 50x lithium contact area with no pressure requirement
  • No external volume change

Cathode-agnostic architecture

Compatible with existing and next generation cathodes that will further enhance energy density and power.

  • High voltage stability
  • Compatible with all State-of-the-Art cathodes
  • Ready for cathodes of the future such as: High-voltage, Sulphur, & Air

Simplified product integration

No volume expansion or compression requirement.

  • Li Metal cycling occurs within the porous structure eliminating cell volume change
  • Eliminates need for external compression
  • Enables Easier Stacking of Cells 
  • Removes fatigue failure mechanism
  • Removes flexible edge seal requirement
  • Removes External Stack Pressure Complexity, Mass, and Cost requirement