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Robust Technology Platform

The Ion Storage Systems solid state battery structure looks like a sponge on top of a thin ceramic separator, all made from low-cost materials. This novel architecture enables uniform and continuous pathways for Li-ions to move between anode and cathode with significantly lower resistance for higher power. The anode sponge is filled with high capacity lithium metal that enables higher energy density for lighter batteries. This non-flammable robust technology platform is cathode-agnostic enabling customers to select cathode materials based on application.

Competitive Advantages


The most energy dense and safest battery that can be deployed in almost any environment. 

Breakthroughs in solid state battery technology have led to a battery that meets the mission critical needs for the defense and aerospace industries, and that has high energy density with improved safety for consumer electronics, electric vehicles and grid energy storage.

Defense and Aerospace

Lighter, Smaller, More Reliable batteries enable aircrafts to fly further and reduce soldier fatigue when carrying portable military devices, enabled by unprecedented specific and volumetric energy densities.

Superior Safety from the use of non-flammable electrolytes allows for use in confined spaces in land, air and sea domains.

Extreme Thermal Stability safely powers a soldier’s portable military devices in intense desert heat, maximizing mission life.  Batteries can be placed in optimal locations near internal combustion engines or other hot components with no degradation due to excess heat.

Consumer Electronics

High Energy Density batteries result in more energy stored in smaller and lighter packages.

No External Dimensional Change enables batteries to be installed in rigid chassis with tight tolerances. Solid state technology does not produce gases, eliminating the need for a swell budget, thus providing consumers with longer runtimes.

Superior Safety & Thermal Stability non-flammable and requires no battery cooling system.

Electric Vehicles

High Volumetric Energy enables longer range electric vehicles with less packaging constraints.

Cost Effective Design made with low cost materials, additionally solid-state battery requires no auxiliary cooling system.

Thermal Stability essentially removes need for battery thermal control mass/volume, complexity and cost, and also enables battery pack deployment under the vehicle hood near the internal combustion engine. The wide operating temperature range also enables EV usage in previously inaccessible markets.

Grid Energy Storage

Superior Roundtrip Energy Efficiency resulting from no parasitic losses from HVAC system required by conventional solutions to maintain battery operating temperatures in hot and sun rich climates.

Cost Effective Design enables low cost energy storage. Low cost materials and balance of plant coupled with a high energy dense battery results in low $/kWh installed.

Long Battery Life enabled by ceramic electrolyte with high voltage and chemical stability, even at high temperatures.

Medical Devices

Thermal Stability – Nonflammable electrolyte and high heat tolerance, enables batteries to withstand autoclave (steam sterilization) temperatures while remaining within the medical device. Eliminating the need to remove batteries before autoclaving greatly reduces risk of contamination from additional handling.

High volumetric energy – enables the use of smaller batteries and packaging to decrease overall product size

Cost-effective design – does not require special packaging or protections to reduce the risk of battery damage during the high-temperature autoclaving process.

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a carefully cultivated team of seasoned battery industry geeks who know inside and out how batteries have always been made. We’re passionate about power. No, not that kind of power. We know how batteries should work and more importantly, what keeps them from working as well as they could.

we knew we had to shake-up how batteries were made if we were going to make YOU a better battery. You know that old saying – doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity? Well, that’s what other companies have been doing with Lithium Ion for over 30 years. Which is insane.

Re-imagined not just how batteries are made but what makes them. We joined merged two technologies that no one’s merged before and the results are a battery that’s simply remarkable. And yeah, we’re a little cocky about it. We make your batteries are safer and stronger – so your products can protect their users and outlast the competition. They’re lighter and more rugged – removing design barriers you’ve had to live with for way too long.

Do it all right here from 20,000 square feet in Maryland. Imagine that – shaping the future right here in the U.S.A. America’s always been a powerful place. We’re delighted to be a part of powering America’s next-generation of possibility.



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