Game Changing Batteries

Ion Storage Systems has developed intrinsically safe, high performance solid state batteries. Battery fires in cell phones, hoverboards, and electric vehicles have reinvigorated the search for safer batteries that don’t burn. Our technology, developed at the University of Maryland, has been highlighted by CBS National News for its potential to power devices of the future without the dangers of current battery chemistries. Our ceramic electrolyte is completely nonflammable and shows breakthrough performance.

CBS this morning – November 26, 2016

Competitive Advantages


Ceramic electrolyte is non-flammable

Smaller and Lighter

Lithium metal anodes with 10X capacity of current batteries

Lower Cost

Low-cost materials and fabrication technologies 

Higher Power Density 

Li-metal cycling at 10mA/cm2 with no degradation

Higher Energy Density

2-3x currently available batteries


Ion Storage Systems is focused on developing the most energy dense, safest batteries that can be deployed in any environment. Breakthroughs in solid state battery technology have led to a battery that meets the mission critical needs for the defense and aerospace industries, and that has has high energy density with improved safety for consumer electronics and electric vehicles.

Defense and Aerospace

  • High Specific Energy
    • Aircraft fly further
    • Satellites lighter
    • Reduce soldier fatigue
  • Superior Safety
    • Can be used on-body or at sea
  • Extreme Thermal Stability
    • Safely power a soldier’s electronics in desert heat without any cooling system
    • Safely power a drone in the cold of high altitude flight

Consumer Electronics

  • High Energy Density
    • More energy stored in smaller and lighter packages
  • No External Dimensional Change
    • Can be installed in a rigid package with tight tolerances
  • Safety & Thermal Stability
    • Installed without heavy, expensive thermal cooling system

Electric Vehicles

  • For 12V or 48V applications can be deployed near the engine or under the hood of a vehicle

About Us

Eric Wachsman, Founder and CEO

Professor and Director, Maryland Energy Innovation Institute; 30 years experience in solid ion conducting material and devices R&D; Vice-President and Fellow of the Electrochemical Society and Fellow of the American Ceramic Society

Greg Hitz, Founder and CTO

PhD University of Maryland; Developed trilayer garnet fabrication process

Venkataranam Thangadurai, Founder and Science Advisor

Professor, University of Calgary; 25 years experience in solid state chemicstry; Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry; Inventor of solid garnet electrolytes

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