Ion Storage Systems is focused on developing the most energy dense, safest batteries that can be deployed in any environment. Breakthroughs in solid state battery technology have led to a battery that meets the mission critical needs for the defense and aerospace industries; and safer more efficient for consumer electronics and electric vehicles.

Defense and Aerospace

  • High Specific Energy
    • Aircraft fly further
    • Satellites lighter
    • Reduce soldier fatigue
  • Superior Safety
    • Can be used on-body or at sea
  • Extreme Thermal Stability
    • Safely power a soldier’s electronics in desert heat without any cooling system
    • Safely power a drone in the cold of high altitude flight

Consumer Electronics

  • High Energy Density
    • More energy stored in smaller and lighter packages
  • No External Dimensional Change
    • Can be installed in a rigid package with tight tolerances
  • Safety & Thermal Stability
    • Installed without heavy, expensive thermal cooling system

Electric Vehicles

  • For 12V or 48V applications can be deployed near the engine or under the hood of a vehicle